Claudia Jones Organisation (CJO) was founded in 1982 as a result of the identification of the needs of African Carribean women and families in Hackney and surrounding boroughs.
Claudia Jones Organisation (CJO) was founded in 1982 as a result of the identification of the needs of African Carribean women and families in Hackney and surrounding boroughs. During the last 30 years, over 30,000 children, young people and adults have accessed our services. Our building provides meeting spaces for community groups and local and national organisations.

CJO has been instrumental in providing a range of services and hosting events for women and families of African Carribean heritage.

Timeline of events and activities:

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1986: Started its supplementary school. At first it was open from 11.00am until 1.00pm for two weeks! The school then ran sucessfully up until 2010 when a fire interrupted the service. During this time CJO ran Easter and Summer projects for children aged 5-16 years old.classes design crop

1986: Hosted fundraising activities to support the Jamaican Youth Exchange’s visit to London.

1988: Provided training and encouragement for members of the African Caribbean community to become school governors.

1989: Hosted a conference for Black and Ethnic Minority Women and Children with Disabilities.


1990: Services for the Elderly started.

1991: Hosted workshops and discussions on racism and Aids.

1992: Faced closure as a result of a funding crisis.

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1992: Hosted its first Emancipation event.

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1994: Worked in partnership with Birkbeck College, University of London. Collaboratively provided a range of course for the local community.

1996: The Trinidad and Tobago Nationals Foundation recognised the “organisation as one which preserved and excelled in the areas of Caribbean Community Education”.

1997: Claudia Jones Organisation elderly group won the first, second and third prizes for ‘Hats off for Hackney’.

1998: Hosted one of several Health Promotion Conferences.


2000: The Hairoun Theatre Company and Imani Cultural Group in association with Claudia Jones Organisation presented a “Cultural Expression” at Stoke Newington Town Hall.

In the same year the organisation coordinated Flood Disaster relief for Mozambique. It held a public meeting attended by Diane Abbot MP, Explo Nani Kofi (African Liberation Support Campaign), Hazel Ellis (Claudia Jones Organisation), Dr Vince Hines and Prince Ntum ba Azah (Hackney Black Peoples Association).

2002: Worked in partnership with City and Hackney Primary Care Trust to provide parenting support.

2003: The British Black Music History Day presented Claudia Jones Organisation with an Achievement Award.

2006: Research examining the reasons for the seemingly low numbers of Black and Minority Ethnic families receiving Family Group Conferences (FGC).

2007: Developing Parental Involvement in Schools project.

2008: Promoted ‘The Student Leadership Programme’ for 11-14 year olds. This course enabled young people to develop leadership skills, the role of student leaders and leadership practice.

2009: Claudia Jones Organisation was featured in ‘Together; The Family Group Conference Network Newsletter’ sharing good practice with other professionals.

 2010 Onwards

2010: There was a fire at 103 Stoke Newington Road. This together with budgetary cuts has impaired our service delivery.

2012: The Big Lottery funded ‘Repairing Relationship Project’ was launched.

2015: Launch of the ‘Bonding with Baby’ programme for Hackney mother. This project was developed in partnership with Shoreditch Trust and Hackney Playbus.

 If you have memories of Claudia Jones Organisation that you would like to share with us please email info.cjo@googlemail.com.