For those working in the UK

Claudia Jones Organisation relies on the support of volunteers to support a range of services.

Find out more about organisations that may be able to help the children and families that you work with below or on our Parents’ Survival Guide.

Sustainable Advice in Hackney’ project’s website aims enable local people from the London Borough of Hackney who need help and advice with housing, employment, debt, immigration, welfare benefits or any other special legal or general problem to find out which organisations in Hackney can help them.  The website is also for advisors and volunteers who work in Hackney based advice giving organisations.  The website contains information about free training courses – funded by ‘The Sustainable Advice in Hackney’ project – to help local advisors and volunteers keep up-to-date with changes to the law or new government regulations affecting their clients.

Family And Friends Care London Legal Advice Project: Family Rights Group (in partnership with Hackney Community Law Centre), has set up a much needed advice service for relatives and friends, taking on the care of someone else’ child. They will be running monthly surgeries, staffed by experienced volunteer lawyers, at Hackney Law Centre to:

  • Advise clients on the legal options of caring for someone else’s child, including the implications for accessing support services
  • Help clients to complete court application forms to apply for Child Arrangements (for the child to live with them) or Special Guardianship Orders
  • Prepare a statement on the client’s behalf (where necessary)
  • Advise on the court process.

Quaker Social Action: Quaker Social Action is an east London charity which supports people on a low income to find solutions to the issues affecting their lives.

Family Action’s Grants Programmes: Family Action has been making grants to families and individuals in need since its foundation in 1869. Our grants programmes complement and enhance our mission of helping families to find solutions to problems, supporting them to become safer, stronger and more optimistic about their future.

Vicar’s Relief Fund:Our primary aim is to support people who are at risk of being made homeless, are homeless or vulnerable, or have experience of being homeless and are trying to establish or maintain a tenancy. Where arrears have happened that may put someone at risk of becoming homeless, a grant from the VRF cay remove the threat of eviction. Where someone who is in temporary accommodation needs help putting together a deposit for a more permanent home, a VRF grant can help that happen. The VRF also makes grants for items such as beds, furniture and other household items, household appliances such as cookers and fridges. Some grant recipients who are homeless and destitute require clothing and ordinary living expenses, and the VRF also makes grants for these.

The West Hackney Parochial Charity: “The West Hackney Parochial Charity” is a Hackney based charity, registered number 208941, which came about as the result of the amalgamation of 32 ancient individual charities, originally set up to benefit the residents of the  ecclesiastical Parish of West Hackney. The Charity is managed by a group of Trustees drawn from the local area and administered by The Trust Partnership which acts as the Clerk to The Trustees.

The Hackney Parochial Charities support People in need who live in the former metropolitan borough of Hackney (as it was before 1970). Contact details: 6 Trull Farm Buildings, Trull, Tel:
01285 841906, Email:

The South Hackney Parochial Charity: provides Almshouse accommodation and also makes grants for the relief of poverty an advancement in life.

Free Cakes For Kids: Free Cakes for Kids is a community service to families who find it difficult to provide a birthday cake for their child. The cakes are baked by volunteers from your community with your kid’s favourite theme or style.

The Hackney Foodbank: Hackney is the second most deprived borough in England. The Hackney foodbank provides a minimum of 3 days emergency food and support to local people in crisis.

Buttle UK: Buttle UK is named after Frank Buttle, a remarkable man whose hard work and personal sacrifice helped to establish our grant programmes, which have been helping children and young people in need across the UK since 1953.

NRPF Network: A network of local authorities and partner organisations focusing on the statutory duties to migrants with care needs who have no recourse to public funds.

Family and friends carers: information leaflet: This advice leaflet published on 28th May 2014 describes the support that may be available to family and friends carers. It is intended to help those family members or friends access services in their local area and national helplines.

Best Beginnings is a charity dedicated to ending child health inequalities in the UK. They are committed to giving every baby the healthiest possible start in life. Their vision is a future in which all children in the UK enjoy excellent care from the very beginning. They use innovative approaches to ensure families have the information and support they need to protect their children’s health.

SHINE is a referral system established to tackle fuel poverty and reduce seasonal deaths and hospital admissions in Hackney. Working in partnership across the borough they’re delivering a package of interventions designed to improve seasonal health and wellbeing. Find out more here.