New Domestic Violence and FGM
Project Unveiled
Release date: Thursday, 19th May 2016

The Hackney Women’s Haven (HWH) project
has been funded by the Big Lottery to fill the
gap in services for African heritage women and
girls affected by domestic violence or female
genital mutilation (FGM) and to achieve safety
and access to holistic support.
The new service will commence on 1st October
2016. The HWH partnership of six organisations
currently offers timely, trusted and culturally
responsive services. Key features of this service
will include:

  • Offering a single point of contact making it
    easier for service users to access help and
    tailored support
  • Raising public awareness of DV and FGM
    to spread the word that violence under
    any circumstances is not acceptable
  • Enabling service users to have a voice in
    order to contribute to shaping local
    agendas. For example, in Hackney there
    are 3,156 girls who are at risk of FGM. We
    plan to set up a Girls Techie group who will
    be testing the effectiveness of anti-FGM
    apps as a tool for safeguarding girls from
    FGM abuse.
  • Achieving a wider reach within and across
    communities and sectors to generate
    visibility about African heritage women
    and girls experiences of violence and to
    contribute to community safety efforts led
    by the local authority.
  • Claudia Jones Organisation with; Hackney
    CVS, Hackney Women’s Forum, Hawa
    Trust, RISE Community Action and Sistah
    Space are working in partnership to deliver
    the Hackney Women’s Haven project over
    next four years.

Notes to the Editors:

Claudia Jones Organisation (Registered Charity
No. 1078145) is an African Caribbean Women
and Families Charity. For 33 years we have
provided person centred support services for
disadvantaged women and their families age 0-100,
through; advocacy, therapeutic interventions
alongside the celebration of the positive aspects of
the Caribbean culture.

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    Tel: 020 7241 1646
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